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Code of Conduct

anzacdayringwood 350Our Catholic school is a community that exemplifies the gospel values of love, justice and truth.  Sacred Heart Community recognises that everyone has the right to be respected, to feel safe and be safe; and in this regard, understands their rights and acknowledges their obligation to behave responsibly.

Every person at Sacred Heart School has a right to feel safe, to be happy and to learn, therefore we aim:

  • To promote the values of honesty, fairness and respect for others.
  • To acknowledge the worth of all members of the community and their right to work and learn in a positive environment.
  • To maintain good order and harmony.
  • To affirm cooperation as well as responsible independence in learning.
  • To foster self-discipline and to develop responsiblity of one's own behaviour.

Sacred Heart School Code of Conduct

At Sacred Heart School each person has the right to be safe, to learn and to be happy.

  1. We Follow Directions
  2. We Keep our hands, Feet and Objects to Ourselves
  3. We Take Care of All Property
  4. We speak appropriately
  5. We Listen to the Speaker
  6. We Play Safetly and Move Safely