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Student Leadership

Student leadership roles are an important part of the program at Sacred Heart as they provide opportunities for students to have a ‘voice’ in what happens throughout the school as well as enabling students to develop their own leadership skills.

All Year 6 students are considered to be leaders of the school and are encouraged to interact with other students as leaders. At the end of each year, students in Year 5 participate in a leadership program in preparation for their Year 6 year. Students work in small groups and participate in activities that encourage them to reflect on leadership qualities and study adults who display these qualities. They also have the opportunity to discuss the roles of leaders at Sacred Heart, things they might wish to achieve and leaders from the current Year 6 share their experiences.

School Captains

Students who are interested in leadership roles are encouraged to write letters of application for the positions of School Leaders. Based on these letters a short list is compiled by the Principal and Deputy with the support of Year 6 staff.  Students present a speech to staff and their peers then students in Years 3-6 and staff vote to elect six leaders.  

School Captains are chosen to represent the student body in the following ways:

  • Regular meetings with the Principal and Assistant Principal (once a term)
  • Represent the school at outside functions (e.g St Patrick Day Mass)
  • Be a role model for other students and be respectful of their position
  • Be pro-active in playground issues
  • Deliver welcome and thank you speeches to special visitors and guests
  • Greet and welcome special visitors at the school gates and show visitors to the office
  • Represent the students at discussions with the staff or parent groups
  • Take a lead role in conducting the fortnightly assemblies
  • Lead school tours for prospective new families (open days and tours)SCHOOL CAPTAINS 2018b

Sports Captains

Following the election of School Leaders, students who are interested in leadership roles are encouraged to write letters of application for the positions of Sports Captains. Students in Years 3-6 vote for Sports Captains.  A boy and girl Sports Captains is elected for each sports team and vice-captains may be appointed.  Sports Captains are involved in leading at school sports events as well as organising sports equipment.

Sport Captains at Sacred Heart will:

  • lead their team during 3-6 sports and whole school sports
  • help with the organisation of sporting events (athletics, hoop time)
  • maintain the sports room
  • maintain the sports equipment in the school (every classroom)
  • assist with all sporting activities organised
  • attend regular meetings with the Principal and/or Deputy

Social Justice and Environment Leaders

Students also have the opportunity to apply to be Social Justice Leaders and Environment Leaders. These students also write letters of application and are chosen by staff members.  

The role of the Social Justice Leaders at Sacred Heart is to:

  • meet with the Religious Education Leader (Curriculum)
  • plan fundraising activities for Caritas during Project Compassion
  • collect and count money from Project Compassion boxes
  • record a tally of money raised
  • plan fundraising activities for Mission Week

The role of the Environment Leaders at Sacred Heart is to:

  • meet with the Curriculum Leader and/or Principal or Deputy
  • organise regular playground clean ups
  • plan and work towards improving school areas e.g Frog Bog
  • work with parents, staff and students in planning new garden areas or facilities for students eg. playground equipment

Peer Activity Leaders

Students in Years 5 and 6 are invited to participate in the Peer Activity Leaders (PAL) program. This program increases physical activity in schools while providing leadership opportunities and enhanced relationships between students. During Term 2, students complete a short course with trained staff members. This enables them to provide lunchtime activities once a week with small groups of students in Years Prep-4. Activities are focused on promoting physical activity or support the school’s Chess Club, Garden Club or Art Club. They assist students in developing social competencies and help to enhance relationships across the school.


src2013 350An SRC representative is elected from each class for six months. SRC representatives meet with the Principal and/or Deputy or Student Wellbeing Leader.  They discuss the needs of students following classroom meetings. The information is then fed back to the school's leaders. They may form a ‘focus group’ to discuss playground issues or brainstorm ways to improve the school. SRC representatives are also involved in the school's Values Program. They discuss the ways we can live our values at Sacred Heart and may lead discussions in their classrooms or collect examples of student work or photos which show how we live our values and build relationships at Sacred Heart.

SRC representatives provide feedback to the school community at assemblies and are responsible for choosing students to receive values awards at assembly.

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