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Bullying is behaviour by one person or a group of people towards another, that is designed to hurt, injure, embarrass or cause that person discomfort.  The behaviour is intentional, selective, uninvited and repeated over time. This form of behaviour is not accepted at Sacred Heart. If you come across this behaviour:

Procedures To Deal With Bullying

Always play with a group of friends in areas supervised by teachers.

If you are being bullied:

  • Stay calm
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Tell the bully to stop.  Make an assertive statement like: "I don't like what you're doing or saying" or "I don't have to listen to that"
  • Walk away
  • If bullying happens again or you feel unsafe, speak to a teacher straight away

If you see another student being bullied:

  • Don't join in.  Being part of a group that is bullying someone or watching bullying shows support for the bullying behaviour
  • Support the person being bullied and encourage him or her to do something about it
  • Speak to a teacher about it