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Homework Policy

The development of a positive attitude to, and a love of reading through adult–child interaction is considered the highest priority in any home / school activity. Therefore it is expected that all children will spend some time engaged in reading activity each evening.

Homework is set at all levels, with emphasis on practice of literacy and mathematics as well as developing organisational skills.

The time spent on homework activities will vary:
Foundation to Year 2 - Approximately 15 minutes per night / average of one hour per week;
Years 3 & 4 - Average of one and a half hours per week;
Years 5 & 6 - Average of two hours per week.

Homework tasks will usually be set on a daily basis in the junior school, Monday to Thursday.
In Years 3 – 6 homework will be set on a weeklyfortnightly basis.

(Extract from our Homework Policy)