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Education at Sacred Heart

Copy of DSC 8622Sacred Heart Parish Primary School exists to educate its students to the best of each person’s ability. 

Our educational philosophy emphasises the education of the whole person. It is our belief that each person can learn and achieve success, given sufficient time, excellent teaching and appropriate resources. At Sacred Heart each person is regarded as an individual, with unique talents and abilities that are nurtured, and catered for to meet each one’s needs.

The building of relationships and social skill development are integral to successful living and are therefore a vital part of education at Sacred Heart. Social responsibility and an understanding of the basis of living in a just society are actively promoted.

As a Catholic school we implement a developmental Prep – Year 6 curriculum based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. The standards provide us with a curriculum framework with which to weave together the essential domains of learning:

  • Physical, Personal and Social Learning (Health and PE, Personal Learning, Interpersonal Learning and Civics and Citizenship)
  • Discipline Based Learning (the Arts, English, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Languages other than English)
  • Interdisciplinary Learning (Communication, Design, Creativity and Technology, ICT and Thinking)

Our school acknowledges the variety of learning styles of all members in our learning community and provides opportunities for students to participate in curriculum activities according to their preferred style or to explore new learning styles. In addition, our school strongly promotes the teaching of social justice practices and initiatives, environmental education and sustainability.

Copy of DSC 8624Literacy is the first focus in teaching and learning with appropriate emphasis being given to each of the other VELs dimensions. In our teaching we use an integrated approach, ensuring holistic learning with planned outcomes from all dimensions. Term focus topics are chosen from the content areas of SOSE (Studies of Society and Environment), Science, Technology and Health. An understanding of the special place of Australia’s aboriginal people in our history and culture, and the relationship of Australia with European and Asian cultures are integral parts of the curriculum.

The use of technology is integrated with all aspects of the curriculum at Sacred Heart. All students have access to a networked computer system and have the opportunity to use computers for research and presentation as well as to enhance learning and facilitate communication.  Sacred Heart is recognised as a leader in learning through the use of multi media technology and the internet. All classrooms are linked via a computer network and student learning is available at home through our internet myclasses learning management system. Interactive whiteboards are also present in each classroom.

The school has established many leading programs in line with current educational philosophies and the new Victorian Essential Learning Standards. Inquiry learning is well established at Sacred Heart, with a strong emphasis on teaching thinking across the curriculum. Student wellbeing is a priority, with a designated budget for personnel and specific programs. Leadership and Social Skills programs, Buddies programs across the school, Student Welfare Support Group and Values Education are all embedded in the school’s curriculum.