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camp2013 02 350The Grade 5/6 camp is held  Coonawarra every second year and Philip Island Adenture Prk every other year. Camp is a great opportunity for the children to enjoy each other’s company and participate in a variety of activities not available at school. The camps features a broad range of initiative activities for children to participate in and also provides some personal, social and physical challenges, along with learning opportunities, which are followed up when the students return to school.

Below are some of the experiences that our 5/6's had on camp...

'A million thoughts and emotions are creeping through my head as I dangle helplessly in the air, so high it feels like I’m in starry space. I can faintly hear my friends screaming and shouting loudly, but I am concentrating too hard on not dying to realise it.The thin blue string dangles perilously in front of my freezing, shaking body, anonymously calling and inviting me to lunge myself into deep terror, fear and terrible excitement.A tingling sensation takes over my hand as I pull the terrifying blue string that will determine my fate. Suddenly I am falling, down towards the dangerous ground, sure I will crash and die. What will happen next?

“Off you go,” the man said, and turned away. I took a run up and jumped off the wobbly platform. “Oh!” I gasped. Cold air whooshed through my lungs and my stomach lurched. In a few seconds I was above the lake, watching the ripples form and then disappear as suddenly as they came. I looked reluctantly up at the sturdy white rope above me and realised with a gulp that it was the only thing stopping me from falling to my death. I looked away and found that I Had come to a stop. As Michelle unclipped the harness I remembered sadly that that was my only go – but it was something that would stay in my memory forever.'

I look into the fish filled, murky lake, I can’t believe I’m going to do this, I step onto the water filled canoe, I pick up the heavy oar and pull hard, the water has soaked my feet already. I sit down and paddle, the water is weighing my oar down as I stroke. It isn’t so bad but my spine is shivering just thinking about falling into the salty lake. Getting used to the feeling we paddle right trying hard to circle the small, orange floating buoy we do it. It’s time to raft up, my hands are aching holding onto the rough sides of the boat.”Apple” she calls out, I stand up nervously knowing I’m going to fall, one slow foot at a time, I make it, an adrenalin rush comes right through me . We let go of the canoes and we are told to stand. I swallow my fear and slowly stand, triumphantly I stand and paddle back to shore. It was so fun, yet nerve racking; for sure I’ll do it again.