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School Improvement

Sacred Heart is committed to improving all aspects of our school. School Improvement is driven by the Annual School Action Plan. The School Review and Development Committee, consisting of the Leadership Team plus coordinators in Teaching and Learning, Religious Education, Mathematics, Literacy, Student Wellbeing and Special Needs, directs school improvement.  A School Review takes place every four years. Our last review was in 2015, so we are curently in the final year of the current  School Improvement Cycle.

School Improvement focuses on five spheres:
•    Education in Faith
•    Learning and Teaching
•    Student Wellbeing
•    Leadership and Management
•    School Community

Personalising the learning for the students at Sacred Heart is very important. Since 2017 the school has been heavily involved with Simon Breakspears'"sprints"  This method of teaching is very explicit and idenitifies the childrens point of need at a given time.

Teachers  use data to track the progress of each child which also allows for personalised learnign to take place.