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Our School Community

school community

Our student population is drawn mainly from the Sacred Heart Parish.  It is diverse in background, with about 15% of families from language backgrounds other than English.  The Catholic enrolment of the school is well within the target set by Catholic Education Melbourne. The socio-economic base of the school is also diverse with approximately 15% of families being eligible for the government’s Education Maintenance Allowance.

The staff is made up of 49 teaching and support staff.  There is a balance between staff with many years of experience and those new to teaching.  Staff retention is high and there is a strong emphasis on developing leadership at our school.  The Leadership Team consists of the Principal, Deputy Principal and Leaders in the areas of Religious Education, Mathematics, Literacy, e-Learning, Student Wellbeing and Learning and Teaching.

The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) and School Education Board actively support the Principal, staff and community.  As well as initiating and supporting social and fundraising initiatives, the P&F organises an event each term to financially support the school’s social justice focus.  The School Education Board also meets monthly to share information or ratify policies that impact the school community. We are also supported by the Sacred Heart Out of Hours School Program, which provides a vital service to many families both before and after school.

Our enrolment and structure are stable, with student numbers in 2018 at 461.  Our class sizes range from 20-27. It is our practice to group the students in junior, middle and senior levels:

  • 3 groups of Preps/Foundation students
  • 5 groups of students in Years 1 and 2
  • 6 groups of students in Years 3 and 4
  • 5 groups of students in Years 5 and 6