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Car Parking

At Sacred Heart Parish Primary School there are two large car parks. Together, the car parks are large enough for school families, visitors, parishioners and school staff.

The main east side car park, located in front of the school’s multi-purpose hall and to the left of the church, is the only car park supervised by school staff before and after school. It is also the car park that leads to the school’s public entrance.

When using the car park, it is expected that all parents/carers are alert at all times and make sure their child/children use the car park safely.

Staff supervised drop off is from 8.15am each morning, while supervised pick up of children is from 3.15pm every afternoon.

School staff also assists with an express drop-off and pick-up system. Parents who want to quickly drop off or pick up their children without getting out of their car are asked to park in one of the five express parking bays, where children can safely get out of their car without the help of their parent/carer. This is a quick process and is very helpful for families with more than one child.

Parents/carers who want to walk their child/children into the school grounds, or spend a little more time helping their child/children to gather their things for school, must park their vehicles in the permanent parking bays and not the express bays. The same also applies for parents picking up their children at the end of the school day.

If it is raining heavily when the 3.15pm school bell sounds, it is expected that all parents park their cars in the permanent parking bays and walk into the school grounds to pick up their child/children.