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School Vision Statement

Sacred Heart School Parish Primary School is a community where all members grow in the knowledge, spirit and life of the Catholic Church. We strive to live the Gospel values guided by the teachings of Jesus.

By providing a well balanced curriculum we endeavour to create a learning environment in which all children are taught the skills necessary for them to reach their full potential.

Each individual is supported, encouraged and challenged to undertake a meaningful role in society.

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Sacred Heart Primary School was established in 1993 as an amalgamation of St. Edmund’s School, Croydon and St. Francis De Sales School, East Ringwood.  This became the new Parish - Sacred Heart, Croydon - sited at the former Monastery of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. In 2018, Sacred Heart celebrates 25 years of education.

In July 2011, a new multi-purpose hall and ancillary spaces were officially opened.  This $2.5million building was funded by a Federal Government BER grant. In 2012, Sacred Heart Parish Primary School completed an extensive building program.  The Year Prep-2 students moved into new contemporary learning spaces and the administration area and library were also moved into new buildings. In mid-August 2018, the Years 3-6 students will move into new learning spaces also.  These flexible spaces will compliment the learning and teaching programs at Sacred Heart.

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school community

Our student population is drawn mainly from the Sacred Heart Parish.  It is diverse in background, with about 15% of families from language backgrounds other than English.  The Catholic enrolment of the school is well within the target set by Catholic Education Melbourne. The socio-economic base of the school is also diverse with approximately 15% of families being eligible for the government’s Education Maintenance Allowance.

The staff is made up of 49 teaching and support staff.  There is a balance between staff with many years of experience and those new to teaching.  Staff retention is high and there is a strong emphasis on developing leadership at our school.  The Leadership Team consists of the Principal, Deputy Principal and Leaders in the areas of Religious Education, Mathematics, Literacy, e-Learning, Student Wellbeing and Learning and Teaching.

The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) and School Education Board actively support the Principal, staff and community.  As well as initiating and supporting social and fundraising initiatives, the P&F organises an event each term to financially support the school’s social justice focus.  The School Education Board also meets monthly to share information or ratify policies that impact the school community. We are also supported by the Sacred Heart Out of Hours School Program, which provides a vital service to many families both before and after school.

Our enrolment and structure are stable, with student numbers in 2018 at 461.  Our class sizes range from 20-27. It is our practice to group the students in junior, middle and senior levels:

  • 3 groups of Preps/Foundation students
  • 5 groups of students in Years 1 and 2
  • 6 groups of students in Years 3 and 4
  • 5 groups of students in Years 5 and 6

Sacred Heart is committed to improving all aspects of our school. School Improvement is driven by the Annual School Action Plan. The School Review and Development Committee, consisting of the Leadership Team plus coordinators in Teaching and Learning, Religious Education, Mathematics, Literacy, Student Wellbeing and Special Needs, directs school improvement.  A School Review takes place every four years. Our last review was in 2015, so we are curently in the final year of the current  School Improvement Cycle.

School Improvement focuses on five spheres:
•    Education in Faith
•    Learning and Teaching
•    Student Wellbeing
•    Leadership and Management
•    School Community

Personalising the learning for the students at Sacred Heart is very important. Since 2017 the school has been heavily involved with Simon Breakspears'"sprints"  This method of teaching is very explicit and idenitifies the childrens point of need at a given time.

Teachers  use data to track the progress of each child which also allows for personalised learnign to take place.



Sacred Heart is well resourced, both in classrooms and outdoors.  All students have access to a range of technologies to support learning: laptops, chromebooks, iPads, cameras, electronic whiteboards/screens and coding tools including spheros and drones.  The library is well resourced and well used; Physical Education/sport, Performing Arts and Languages: Italian programs are accessed by all students; instrumental tuition in a variety of instruments is available during school hours at an additional cost and the School Choir and Band provide further opportunities for students to develop their skills and interests.  

Our grounds feature an oval, playground equipment catering for various ages, basketball court, sand pits and a school garden maintained by our students.


Some of the special programs and activities you will find at Sacred Heart include:

  • 'Buddy' programs throughout the school
  • Social Skills programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Values Education
  • Physical Education
  • A well resourced Library
  • Regular Assemblies led by students
  • Classroom Music and After School Music programs (tuition is available for a range of musical instruments)
  • School Choirs and Band
  • Planned Excursions and Incursions in Science, Music, Drama, Sport
  • Camps for Years 5 and 6
  • School Athletics and Sports Carnivals
  • Interschool Sports for Years 5 and 6
  • Participation in Zone and Regional Sporting Events
  • School Counselling Program
  • Active After Schools Program
  • Before and After School Care
Position Name
Co-Ordinator Mrs. Anne-Maree Fraser(Diploma of Community Services - Children's Services OHSC).
Assistant Mrs Pauline Hopkins
Assistant Mrs. Verna Chambers

playtime01 350At Sacred Heart Primary School, student safety is a priority. We provide teacher supervision in outdoor play areas during school hours and before and after school to ensure our students’ safety.

Teacher supervision

Before school, 8.15am-8.45am:

   - one teacher on the lower playground (basketball court)
   - one teacher on the decking
   - one teacher at the crossing in the east car park
   - one teacher at the car park express drop-off zone

After school, 3.15pm-3.30pm:

   - two teachers meet children at a designated area to walk them safely around the car and down Monastry Drive.
   - one teacher at the crossing in the east (main school entrance) car park
   - two teachers at the car park express pick-up zone

Recess/lunch break 10.55am-11.30am/1.40pm-2.15pm

   - one teacher on the lower playground (basketball court)
   - one teacher on the decking
   - one teacher on upper playground (oval)

To ensure students’ wellbeing, on wet days or days of extreme heat, students are supervised indoors or under shelter.

We ask that students remain in the designated play areas before school, during recess and lunchtime.

During break times and before and after school, students are not permitted to be inside school buildings unless there is a teacher close by to supervise. 

During school hours, the cemetery behind the white house and the area around the hall are out of bounds.

At Sacred Heart Parish Primary School there are two large car parks. Together, the car parks are large enough for school families, visitors, parishioners and school staff.

The main east side car park, located in front of the school’s multi-purpose hall and to the left of the church, is the only car park supervised by school staff before and after school. It is also the car park that leads to the school’s public entrance.

When using the car park, it is expected that all parents/carers are alert at all times and make sure their child/children use the car park safely.

Staff supervised drop off is from 8.15am each morning, while supervised pick up of children is from 3.15pm every afternoon.

School staff also assists with an express drop-off and pick-up system. Parents who want to quickly drop off or pick up their children without getting out of their car are asked to park in one of the five express parking bays, where children can safely get out of their car without the help of their parent/carer. This is a quick process and is very helpful for families with more than one child.

Parents/carers who want to walk their child/children into the school grounds, or spend a little more time helping their child/children to gather their things for school, must park their vehicles in the permanent parking bays and not the express bays. The same also applies for parents picking up their children at the end of the school day.

If it is raining heavily when the 3.15pm school bell sounds, it is expected that all parents park their cars in the permanent parking bays and walk into the school grounds to pick up their child/children.

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50 Monastery Drive (Previously 35 Wicklow Avenue), Croydon, Victoria, 3136  |  Phone: 03 9724 4333  |  Fax: 03 9724 4399

Principal: Michael Russo
Deputy Principal: Liz Elijah 
Bursar: Jo Wright
Secretary: Lynda Jacobs

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