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Parent Class Representatives

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Every class at Sacred Heart Primary School has a parent class representative position. Parents are asked to volunteer for the role at the start of each school year. The class representative role is very important to our school community. It provides support to the teachers and acts as a liaison between teachers and parents in the school.

Role of class representatives:

  • To organise social events for the parents in their class to help them get to know each other. Events might include family picnics or parent dinners.
  • To communicate messages from other class or school groups, like the Parents and Friends Association, so that parents are kept informed about social gatherings, fundraising activities and school community events.
  • To organise, with the class teacher, parental help in the classroom and excursions.
  • Class reps, and other classroom helpers, are respectful of everyone’s privacy and ensure that the confidentiality of teachers, students, and parents is maintained at all times.