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Mission Week

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Mission Week at Sacred Heart is held during October each year.  It is an opportunity for us as a whole school community to work together to raise awareness and money for Catholic Mission's worldwide missionary network.  It is a time when we are called upon to share our resources with communities and families around the world.

During Mission Week the whole school takes part in the Stand Up Day photo on the oval.  Stand Up Day is part of the international awareness-raising campaign to 'Make Poverty History'.

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As part of Mission Week, the students participate in a whole school Mass and host a Mini Fete, to which each class contributes something. The students have a great time purchasing from the various stalls and participating in the disco, playing the games and entering the raffles organised by the students themselves. The money raised from the Mini Fete goes directly to the Catholic Missions worldwide missionary network, which is about giving life to the whole human person through pastoral care, spiritual support and physical support.