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Family Week

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The first week in May, as a lead-in to Mothers’ Day, is traditionally Family Week in Catholic schools.

The theme for Family Week this year is “Stronger Families, Stronger Communities ” This year’s theme highlights the important role that families play as the central building block of our communities and that community wellbeing is enhanced by family wellbeing.

Every year Sacred Heart School celebrates family life during Family Week and raises funds to support Centacare so that they may continue their valuable work in the community.



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 Family week 2015

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This is what Andrew Chinn had to say following his visit...

‘On May 6 I climbed the hill to visit Sacred Heart in Croydon. As I pulled up there was a beautiful mist hanging over Melbourne's east along with the
colours of autumn, with the Sacred Heart Statue standing proudly above.

Among the highlights were the fish faces of Sarah and Kaitlin, Sean's Elvis impersonation and the amazing singing of Maddie and Eliza on "In The Beginning".

And it had to be one of the most amazing parent turnouts for an afternoon concert with about 100 adults in attendance.’  - Andrew Chinn