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Working Bees

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Working Bees

Working Bees have been operating successfully at Sacred Heart over a number of years.  This is because of the generosity of time and expertise that families have given to maintain and build essential services our school has needed.  Without volunteers, many of the projects would have been outsourced at a great cost to the school.

As we look around the school, there have been some major projects accomplished at these Working Bees.  Our two sandpits, the cricket pitches, the enclosed space outside rooms 15 and 16, the tanbark that surrounds our adventure playgrounds, stairs and pathways are just some of the major works we have completed in recent years.

At our working bees we aim to complete many recurring, essential tasks such as general clean ups, clearing of drains, checking and repairs to doors and pathways, sweeping, raking tan bark around playground equipment, washing buildings and drinking troughs and small carpentry, electrical and plumbing jobs and repairs if we have qualified tradespeople as volunteers.

All Saturday Working Bees begin at 9.00am and conclude at approximately 11.30am with light refreshments and a barbecue.  Twilight Working Bees are also scheduled each year for those families unable to attend on Saturday mornings. Working Bees provide a great opportunity for families to meet in a different social setting as well as contributing to the improvement of our school grounds and facilities.

So pack your gloves, brooms and tools and volunteer to help out at a Working Bee.  We need your help. Every bit helps!