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Lunch Orders

The school tuckshop is open most Fridays. Notice is always given in advance if the tuckshop is not opening so that children bring their own lunches on those days.

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To place a lunch order

On the outside of a lunch-sized paper bag (brown paper bag works well), please include the following details:

Child’s name  


Lunch items required from the tuck shop   

Total cost

Please add 20 cents to the total if you do not have a paper bag.

The children’s lunch orders will be delivered to their classrooms. Icy poles, Dixie Cup, Slushy, frozen yoghurt and hot chocolate orders must also be written on the child’s lunch order bag but these items will not be delivered to the classrooms. Children should take their lunch order bag to the tuckshop to collect these items after they have eaten their lunch.

There are no window sales at the tuckshop. Everything is pre-ordered on the Friday morning.

It would be appreciated if the correct money could be provided. If you have difficulty in sourcing the correct money, you may put money for more than one child in the same bag, as long as each child has their own separate order on a bag.

Please ask your child to put their lunch order in the lunch tub in his/her classroom once the classroom is open on a Friday morning.

Volunteering at the tuckshop

Volunteering at the tuckshop

The tuckshop is run by parent volunteers and we cannot operate without the support of our community.  We are always looking for new recruits and volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded people, join in the community, meet parents of children who attend the school and, of course, your children love it when they know you’re on tuckshop duty.

Senior school (Grades 3-6) have lunch orders at first break and the junior school (Foundation-Grade 2) have lunch orders at second break, so the time requirements to assist are 8.45am to 11am for seniors and 11.30am to 1.45pm for juniors. You would be supported by the other parent volunteers and most of our volunteers support the tuckshop once or twice a term. A tuckshop volunteer session takes about two-and-a-quarter hours. No experience is necessary and the duties are very simple; heat the food and bag up the lunches. The tuckshop provides a friendly and supportive environment and new volunteers are rostered on with more experienced volunteers to provide support and guidance.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers are most welcome and we have books, toys and a TV and DVD player to keep them occupied.

We all have fond memories of school when we ordered lunches and saw parents helping out at tuckshop, so whether this is your first time or you just haven’t been able to volunteer before, this year, we want to hear from you.  

If you would like to volunteer at our tuckshop, please complete the slip below and return it to the school, or alternatively leave a message at reception for Kerrie Knox. 

The tuckshop is co-ordinated by a subgroup of parents from the Parents and Friends Association.  The tuckshop sub-committee is committed to providing a quality service for our children with healthy choice options and seasonal foods. They are always considering new menu options to correspond with what children might like to eat.

The tuckshop is located in the new hall. It has modern facilities and is well equipped. Please make note that to volunteer in tuckshop, as in all areas with student contact, the Victorian Government requires you to have a Working with Children Check. This can be obtained quite easily through Australia Post and has no application fee for volunteers. Application forms are also available at our school office.