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Parents and Friends

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The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) has an important social and fundraising role in the school.  Some of the events organised and run by parents include the Father's Day Breakfast, Mother's and Father's Day Stalls, our annual Walk-a-thon, Footy Day and  Pancake Day.  Parents also participate in the Annual Parish Fete, a great event for building community and a major source of fundraising for our school.

The P&F meets monthly to discuss upcoming events, etc. The meetings are chaired by the President or Vice-President, who are supported by a Secretary, Tresurer and Tuckshop Co-ordinator.  Each of these, and all members, have the opportunity to report on and/or discuss any pertinent issues.  Every two years a vote takes place and new members are nominated for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Tuckshop Co-ordinator, which each having a term of  two years.

It is a great way to be involved, have a say and contribute in a productive and beneficial way to the life of the school for our children.