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School Advisory Council

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ed board2 350The School Advisory Council is an advisory body consisting of parents and staff representatives that support the Parish Priest and Principal in improving the educational provisions at Sacred Heart.

The Council meets quarterly and its role includes:

   - reviewing all school policies;

   - supporting the school in implementing the School Improvement Plan arising from the four-yearly School Review;

   - and to discuss any relevant school issues that need to be addressed.

The Council looks at issues pertinent to areas of Child Safety, Education and Wellbeing.  

Any parent who is interested in school and education matters and believe they have a contribution to make in supporting and improving the school on the School Advisory Council should apply in writing, explaining what he or she has to offer the Board. Vacancies will be advertised annually in term 4. We aim to have a comprehensive and diverse group of parents on the Council from different walks of life. It is a fantastic avenue through which to support and contribute to your child's education.